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After visiting Fortaleza, Brazil and feeling comfortable there, I decided to finally retire and spend some time persuing my dream: moving to Brazil. I'm spending six months in Fortaleza deciding if this is what I really want or if it is just one more step in my life. I have been fortunate enough to do everything I ever wanted to do, have had a good career in Air Traffic Control and am now ready to go out and have fun. I played jazz for many years and it is my second passion. I also just finished the first draft of my novel, "Song For A Sad Smile" and will work on researching my next book. My idea is that all of us should "Do the Dream" and follow your heart, no matter how old you are. The final question that you'll ask when your life is almost over should be: "Did I do everything I wanted to do?" If your answer is anything except "yes" then you're not living life to its fullest.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

June 19th....Observations

Hi, Everybody...

Norman is fine-tuning my web site which should be up by the end of the week; at that time I'll be able to include pictures in my BLOG...but this week I think I won't send out any pictures to you with my notification. I thought I might take this week's BLOG to include a couple of my observations so far.


All of the Brazilian people that I have met have really been wonderful. Many speak English and are very willing to carry on a conversation in English or, as I attempt to do, a combination of English and Portuguese. Their English is always much better than my Portuguese. They never laugh at my lack of Portuguese; they always try to help me correct what I say and teach me a little more.

The Brazilians that I have met are much more aware of world-surroundings than most Americans. They read more and almost all have traveled to Europe and the United States. They like Americans but really don't care for our International politics. While they are focused on their own country's problems, they know what is going on in other parts of the world. The United States still plays a big part in Brazil and the Brazilians are disappointed that we have moved in our present direction Internationally.

Middle-class Brazilians are usually much better educated than we are; the requirements to get into the University are very stringent and young Brazilians take it very seriously. There are three or four weeks of intense testing before an applicant can even be admitted and many who apply don't make it. For those who do the unfortunate thing is that even after they receive their degree the pay isn't anything like it is in the US. Pay in Brazil is very poor and most people don't make anything near what their US counterparts make for the same profession.


Brazilian women are beautiful; there is no arguing that. While there are beautiful women throughout the world, Brazilian women have a special sensuality that isn't found anywhere else. It probably is a combination of genes, health and packaging.

Genes: Most Brazilians are a mixed race consisting of Europeans, indigent Indians and sometimes Africans. The depth of the mixture will determine the basic features of the person.

Because Indian genes are found in practically all Brazilians, the women tend to be more petite, darker in skin color and eyes, have high cheekbones, dark or even black hair, and smaller bodies than North Americans. Their features usually combine the best of all the mixes which create beautiful women. I have a friend who has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen; they hold a sensuality to them that is indescribable.

Health: Brazilians try to be healthy. They eat right, they exercise and they take care of themselves. The women are very aware of their bodies and want to keep it in good shape. Brazilians eat their main meal at mid-day; this allows them to burn off calories in the afternoon. Their evening meal is usually small; a cup of soup, a small sandwich, a waffle. Very little food is fried and if it is, it is usually fried in olive oil. I have another friend from Sao Luis, a city north of Fortaleza who has a beautiful figure; she said that if she gains five kilo's she starts dieting and exercising...she has to look good in her bikini.

There is a academia (gym) on nearly every corner and the cost is very little to join. Women go there every day to exercise and keep their weight down and their figure in control. Most walk a lot, especially to close places. Dentists are available and inexpensive so the women have their teeth cleaned and taken care of two or three times a year; that explains those beautiful smiles. A woman will shower more than once a day if she finds that she becomes sweaty or doesn't feel clean.

Packaging: OK, here's the big one!!! Women in Brazil look like WOMEN!!! They don't go to the market or to a restaurant looking like they crawled out of bed thirty seconds ago; they wouldn't go to the front door looking like that! If you see a woman in work-out cloths it's because she IS going to the academia or out to exercise. They spend time at the beauty parlor getting their hair correct and I don't think I have ever seen a woman in public who's hair isn't in place; many of the women wear their hair long.

Most of the time, the women (and I want to point out that this is not age-restricted...I've seen 50 year old women who would put US twenty-year-olds to shame) wear cloths that are tighter and reveal some of their body. Brittany Spears DID NOT invent the mid-rift blouse. A lot of the time women wear a shoulderless, mid-rift tops and jeans or a skirt or even pants. However, the difference is that it usually looks like it just came of the holes, no tears, no dirt. The women like to wear high heels a lot which accent their legs.

Posture is important; if you were to take a line and draw it straight down from the top of the head to the ground, either frontal or sideways, a Brazilian woman would fit perfect. When she walks, she doesn't sway more than a degree either way; her body is perfectly straight from the head to the pelvic area. There is no bobbing of the head; you can draw a line where she will walk and her head will always be in the same place along that line. Because of this, the rest of her body moves much more sensually; I always refer to it as a sailboat gliding across a calm sea. If there is anything that sets her aside from other women, it's that.

All in all, Brazilian women have something that isn't found elsewhere. They are aware of it and don't try to shy away from their beauty. A model once asked her mentor how she could become a top model; her mentor told her, "Watch the Brazilians". I think that says it all.

Well, this was a longer BLOG than I had intended; I hope you enjoyed it and perhaps learned something different. I'm still enjoying my time here while I've evaluating things. Brazil is a wonderful country and the people are fantastic. They are always helpful in showing me customs, language and experiences. I haven't lost my love for Fortaleza though I'm REALLY GETTING TIRED OF THE RAIN!!!

Please send comments, whether on the BLOG or email me. Have a good week and I'll write more as things happen.



Blogger Michaelene said...

Well, John, enough about the women of Brazil--now comment just as much about the men!! That's wat us women in the US want to read about :) Take Care!

12:30 PM  
Blogger Ed Skinner said...

Most people living in the rest of the world are reasonably aware of what's happening in the world at large. It is those living in the US that are different, not the Brazilians.

1:17 PM  

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