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After visiting Fortaleza, Brazil and feeling comfortable there, I decided to finally retire and spend some time persuing my dream: moving to Brazil. I'm spending six months in Fortaleza deciding if this is what I really want or if it is just one more step in my life. I have been fortunate enough to do everything I ever wanted to do, have had a good career in Air Traffic Control and am now ready to go out and have fun. I played jazz for many years and it is my second passion. I also just finished the first draft of my novel, "Song For A Sad Smile" and will work on researching my next book. My idea is that all of us should "Do the Dream" and follow your heart, no matter how old you are. The final question that you'll ask when your life is almost over should be: "Did I do everything I wanted to do?" If your answer is anything except "yes" then you're not living life to its fullest.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tuesday Morning

Hello, everyone..

Well, it's another day in Fortaleza and things are moving along quite well. I've had a touch of the flu so I didn't write anything during the weekend. Also, my computer was down Sunday night.

It's cloudy over the Atlantic this morning; it rained most yesterday and was very cloudy Sunday but Saturday was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! We went for breakfast in the morning then walked to Adeota and Dos Pasea malls in the afternoon. We walked all around both malls and had lunch there. Later we had ice cream. Believe it or not, I'm three blocks from the ocean and the humidity isn't as bad as it is in Oklahoma

There are no cloths dryers here that I know of; most people hang out their cloths on a rack and let the sun and the breeze dry it; it works except when it rains all the time. If it's a nice sunny day here the cloths will dry in a few hours. When it rains I bring in my cloths and at night I bring them it because it's been raining every night.

The ice cream here is fabulous!!! They have more flavors that Bascom-Robbins and the types they have are really good. There are several fruit-flavored kinds (fruit that normally isn't sold in America), they have at least five different kinds of chocolate as well as the usual types; two scoops in a waffle dish cost about $1.25.

On Saturdays all the malls have musicians in the food court area that play music; in Aldeota they usually have a group that plays jazz and MPB (Bossa Nova, Samba, etc.) The music of this area is primarily Ashee, Brazilian Calypso and Forro. There are several local concerts every Friday and Saturday nights; thousands of locals go to these concerts and usually over-fill the clubs. Very little of the Brazilian music that we are familiar with in the US is played here; that comes mostly from Rio and the Sao Paulo area and is considered the music of the rich and snobs.

This morning, for a change there are no ships in the harbor waiting to come in. There are two harbors that service Fortaleza; one about three miles from here and the other about 25 miles west; I'm told that the one to the west is not the main port for the city. Usually there are several cargo ships that come in and out of the one close to me each day. The harbor has seven sailing boats that I can see; when I walk to the pier there are hundreds of boats moored there.

I'm going to send three pictures of my apartment this time; it will give you somewhat of an idea of what a normal apartment looks like. Of course there are larger as well as a lot of smaller ones here. This is normal for this area and is about 650 square feet with two bedrooms, two baths, a living area, a kitchen and a dining area. I have tried all sorts of methods to either make my pictures smaller or include them in the BLOG, but nothing seems to work for me, so I apologize in advance. If you are on dial-up you might just ignore the pictures.

Anyway, this is this weeks report. The jury is still out as to my long-terms plans; I haven't really been here long enough to make any real decision but I'll keep you informed. Drop me a line or add a remark to my BLOG.

Until next time...



Blogger james said...

Hey, John, I'm enjoying your blog reports. Sounds like you're settling in, and I'm not surprised at all that you're loving the music! Those CDs you gave me when you were last here are marvelous. Took them to the Caribbean on our cruise and must have played every one two or three times, and they've nourished me through a varnishing project on my Islander 28. ... Sorry you were down with the "flu" - the same time you were down, Deb and I got food poisoning (what most people call the 24-hour flu, of which, I discover, doctors say there is no such thing). We were on our Cal 39 -- it must be part of God's plan that we share a bucket for 24 hours on a boat, a good test of our relationship. ... I suspect you check my blog once and a while, as well (cal39.blogspot). Cheers, Jim

3:51 PM  

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